A starting load for your next load test

Do you remember the first time you did a load test? Did you also struggle to find a starting load for your specific components? Were you lucky enough to know someone who could suggest a starting load, and spend hours and hours with you at the range fine tuning a load?
Or were you left alone to figure it out yourself?
All good powder manufacturers offers a minimum and maximum starting charge for a bullet weight, but almost none of them takes your individual components into account. 
We at GUNR will look at your individual components in detail and provide you with a safe starting load. No more guess work.
We aim to save you time and money by reducing the amount of shots required to get to an optimal load. 

The load test request process on GUNR

  1. Request a starting load by entering your components, or by requesting help on an exiting load test.
  2. The request will be added to a queue where one of our specialists will process your request.
  3. You will receive updates via push notification and email on the status of your request.
  4. The specialist will contact you via the app should they need any additional information.
  5. By using industry accepted methods the specialist will suggest a min load, max load, min speed, max speed, starting load and grain increments.
  6. The specialist will use the notes section to provide the user with any special instructions.
  7. The request is seen as complete when the user is happy with the suggested load test.

Requests are included in your monthly subscription. A request will be billed as a once-off service of you don’t have an active subscription.

** The suggested loads are for personal use only. Users assume all risk, responsibility and liability for any injuries, losses or damages to persons or property, arising from the use of suggested data.